… Companies that Utilize Automated Marketing Can See a 144% Increase in Lead Generation Within The First Year of the Campaign

Discover how our automated marketing tools can help to drastically increase leads with more buyer confidence and brand loyalty! 


Automated marketing is designed to help in the arduous task of converting your leads into loyal customers of your brand. This process can only be possible if you have previously defined and established a lead funnel and if you have seen a steady stream of newly generated leads, on which you can develop a process of lead nurturing. Then, a more personal relationship can be developed with them, which leads to the future decision to become customers of your business.

Without leads to cultivate, automated marketing and marketing strategy becomes meaningless.

How do you know if your company is ready to implement automated marketing?


How is your marketing automation strategy aligns Inbound Marketing?

According to Gartner Research, companies that utilize automated marketing have seen their income grow by 10% or even more within 6-9 months after implementation. In addition there is a 144% increase in lead generation.

These companies have managed to get the most out of their automated marketing; They have understood that the first step is segmenting your audience and your strategy to identify your ideal buyer persona, with the firm intention of generating messages with specific content that meets their needs and expectations. Engaging them in this way will help to convert them into customers and ambassadors of their brands, gaining exceptional results for the benefit of the profitability and the ROI for the companies.

The inbound marketing methodology allows you to attract visitors to your website and convert leads, all through the implementation of automated marketing techniques that convert leads to customers.

The adoption of this process involves the following four steps:

1. Segment database for your leads

The most effective way to organize and sort through your database of leads is to know what stage they are at along their buyer’s journey. This is the starting point of the segmentation process.

Here you identify who you are addressing and the strategies you will use to reach the mind and heart of your buyer persona more effectively.

2. Build a workflow for each segment

It is no use taking the time to segment your database and classify your leads if you only end up sending everyone the same information. 

It is important that you design a workflow for each stage of the buyer’s journey, with e-mails containing links to your blog articles and CTAs. What is the purpose? Take a step forward through the buyer’s journey up to the stage to take the decision to buy and become customers of your brand. 

According to Annuitas Group, 47% of leads that have been exposed to lead nurturing end up becoming customers and loyal fans of their brands.

3. Customize your website content

It seems a difficult task, but it’s easier than you think. HubSpot offers a smart tool that takes care of segmenting a lead when they visit your site, offering a user experience based on their categorization. Each CTA is designed to push the lead to make the leap to the next stage.

4. Monitor actions on social media and on your website

Through COS HubSpot you can very easily trace the actions performed by belonging to a particular segment leads in social media or on your website. Each activity undertaken by them will be notified automatically via e-mail, so that you can take immediate action and stay one step ahead of them and provide them what they need. Then they will really believe that you’re reading your mind- Quite beneficial for you.

The highlight of this model is its scalability.  As time passes, you can further classify your leads and offer your potential customers more content that provides value to their interests.

Why Novofex?

At Novofex we help you integrate all components necessary to automate the process of marketing your company into a single module, with powerful  tools that will help to build closer relationships with your potential customers through the implementation of workflows and lead nurturing strategies whose purpose will be to promote an increase in your conversion rate.

Companies that have opted for this solution have increased their income by 46% in less than six months, through our solutions for automated marketing .

Do you want to automate your marketing processes? Okay, one of our professionals in automated marketing will contact you shortly, you just have to fill out our form to start receiving all the benefits that marketing automation brings you.

This is how Novofex helps automate your marketing efforts to yield you more leads





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