Opening up new perspectives: Careers at Novofex

Whether you’re just starting your career, a young professional, specialist or manager, Novofex offers you a number of entry possibilities, challenging tasks, and exciting career prospects.  As a Creative Marketing Agency, we work for leading companies around the United States representing numerous industries. We operate in strong, independent teams, implementing integrated business processes for ambitious customers in a swift, pragmatic, and service-oriented way. The complexity of our services places strong demands on our team, but it also presents great opportunities for decision-makers who bring a solution-oriented approach to their job. We look for strong dedicated individuals that look to do what it takes to be superior in their career. We are true believers in the power of the creativity and how the internet can leverage it to help clients grow their business, brand, and organization. We are passionate about building results-driven digital solutions that perform with creative design, development, branding and marketing. Our clients’ ROI and smiles are our success. Not only do we provide amazing opportunities for professionals, but we strive on building an individual from the ground up through our internship program. An internship at Novofex offers you the opportunity to gain early professional experience. Show us that you’re one of tomorrow’s game changers, make key decisions and bring your wonderful ideas. You ask why Novofex? Novofex offers an opportunity to grow as a professional, outstanding career prospects, individual and advanced training, freedom to act and make decisions and so much more. We strive on growing our ambitious environment with individuals that are always striving for their desired professional goals. To learn more and get further details about your entry and development possibilities at Novofex are available on our website throughout the careers section.
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