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  • Ordinary is not Ok, Ok is not great. Don’t except anything less than Amazing
  • Let NovoFex take your design from conception to reality.
  • Flat design or Skeuomorphic? You don’t know what that means. All you want is beauty.
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LogoDesign NovoFexLogoDesign&Branding

                                               “Image is everything”

Stand out from the crowded forum of service providers and businesses. With a unique simplified approach towards your image, your project will relay your message even without words.

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WebDesign NovoFexWeb Design

“First impression is important”

Functionality and Look. Prime ideals we work with.Your website is customized for you and your audiences’ needs. A unique tested solution for your online presence.

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NovoFex PrintPrint

From the concept to your hand. Tangible products such as business cards, flyers postcards and other promotional materials designed by our creative team

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Mobile App NovoFexMobile App

From start-ups to established businesses your mobile application will help retain your customers. App customized for OS or Android markets

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Bring It On
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[caption id="attachment_15126" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Got and Idea Novofex Got and Idea Novofex[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_15126" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Got and Idea Novofex Got and Idea Novofex[/caption]


Got and Idea Novofex

ModFitness Before NovoFex

Got and Idea Novofex

Edelsie Health Novofex

[caption id="attachment_15126" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Got and Idea Novofex Got and Idea Novofex[/caption]

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Got and Idea Novofex

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Simply Beautiful


“We get to work with creative and patient designers!”



Simply Creative


“They work hard, they work tirelessly!”


Creative Novofex

Simply Amazing


“The end product is so amazing!”



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Creation Process

On a daily basis, consumers are coming across websites that just don’t catch their attention or look like they were built in the 1990’s.  They also fail to ignite that spark that is required for a visitor to actually browse the website. At Novofex we understand the importance of getting ATTENTION and the creation process. We provide beautiful Eye-Catching websites that are appealing to the highly interactive and are user friendly. Our focus is to make sure that your visitors believes that they are dealing with a company of authority right from the website. This Creation phase is where we facilitate this feeling with modern and interactive website design. For many potential clients, a website is the first impression they get of a company/organization. Way before they decide to give you their business they are conducting research to make sure your business is their best option. A dull website is definitely a great way to end that potential business relationship before it has begun. This is why a first impression is so important. Captivating your visitors is what we do best. With the expertise at Novofex we make sure that great first impressions are possible through our creation process.

Best of all, Novofex provides these amazing eye-catching and interactive web designs with assurance that it will also be very easy to manage. We create customized platforms for the business owners and administrators to be able to make any necessary changes to the web site without having to take a Computer Science course. If you come across an update that seem too difficult, no worries!  We provide full support and can make the changes for you.  Want to try to learn on your own? Wonderful!! We also provide you all the necessary tools to become your own web master!

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