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Discover how our Visibility and Traffic Solutions can grow your brand and maximize your exposure through our search, e-mail, social media and multi channel approach. 


We understand your business may not be getting enough visibility in your market place. Here at Novofex we put together tailored systems and strategies that will drive traffic to help your audience engage with your brand on a number of different channels such as:

Through marketing automation, search, earned media and more, we make sure your company is seen in as many places as possible. Most importantly, we ensure that your company is outputting consistent offers and messaging across platforms to help engage potential customers on their journey to make a buying decision.

If you are not visible to the eyes of your target audience then your business is facing a great challenge in regards to it’s growth. Having excellent visibility across the internet can help you reduce the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and will help to enhance the branding of your company. What if you were to mount a physical store? You would look for a location on the Main Street of a big city! Something similar happens on the Internet. While remaining invisible to the eyes of your potential customers is the first step to grow in the online ecosystem. As marketing manager or director of a company with ambition to grow, building a new sales channel emerging as the Internet, you know that optimizing visibility on the Internet, is intrinsically linked to achieving the greatest possible number of searches for keywords related to your niche. Increasing online visibility is a basic and fundamental objective for any company that wants to develop its activities in a market place.

Here at Novofex  we help you promote a comprehensive digital strategy based on Inbound Methology.

 Want to know how we can help you to be more visible on the Internet? 

This is how Novofex helps you improve Visibility

  • Snapshot Measure

    Before designing and implementing a digital strategy, we make a snapshot of how your business is perceived. Users talk about brands, about their interaction with them, about their good experiences, but above all about their bad experiences.

  • Competitive Analysis (Benchmarking)

    We will  analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, to make the most of your strengths without ignoring your weaknesses.

  • Website KPIs

    Any site should have defined objectives (either obtained conversions, increased subscribers, …) Such objectives must be defined before determining what are called Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs. 

  • Reporting

    Monthly reporting to analyze the status of actions, defined goal, and to optimize decision making to grow your business model.

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