bartales is a site where bartenders, waitresses & staff can connect, network and most importantly tell their interesting, fun, crazy, out of this world stories that happen to them while working in the night life industry.

As we all know, the drinks we serve our customers while we work our swag will either lead a customer to have a great or terrible time; however what we experience from behind the bar after hours, late night, throughout the evening, and sometimes the next day…well those stories are what really makes this industry what it is. The behind the scenes on what us…the staff sees, hears, goes through, while working into the late nights. Maybe who you met? How it lead to another gig or career? Or down rite just a good old time that night for whatever reason. Hmmm…that can go many different ways. Regardless this is the place to let it all out!

Telling some of these stories to our co-workers, friends and sometimes the world, can be very interesting/entertaining & fun. Let’s face it, most people wanted to work in our industry at one time or another. We are the Gate Keepers to the night life world and are a rare group of people!

The money is fast, drinks flow, socializing is constant, and the experiences we go through can be priceless! This site is designed for you to be able to share your BarTales.

So…create your profile, upload pics, blog and share your BarTales!



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