How can you ensure that people who are interested in your product or service can find you online? The answer is simple: Organic positioning. Search Engine Optimization is one of the fundamental pieces that put together the puzzle of Inbound Marketing, and is focused on improving the visibility of your business and attracting the right person, or buyer persona, to your website.  Hence, SEO should be right at the top of your marketing funnel, alongside blogging and social media.  Therefore, the more you understand your target audience, their needs, and their buyer’s journey the better you can target your SEO campaign. Key Concept: Your SEO strategy should be totally focused on people, specifically on your buyer persona and his/ her’s buyers journey, not search engines.  According to research by Forrester, 95% of marketers think that SEO best practices are an important source of capturing leads generated by a conversion rate of 14.6%, well above the 1.7% that represent the leads captured by outbound strategies.



1. Increase the visibility of your website 

According to Search Engine Watch , 53% of clicks on organic search are located at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. This is thanks to SEO strategies that focus on creating titles, optimized meta tags and descriptions, which directly influences an increase in organic traffic which in turn promotes the uptake of SQL leads. An investigation by HubSpot places SEO second, only after blogging, as a main strategy to increase traffic. This is because SEO focuses on the blog in order to verify the creation of content that is relevant and unique to the individual interests of your buyer.


2. Reduce the cost of acquisition compared to PPC campaigns

It is true that the results of organic positioning are not overnight- its growth is constant and permanent. This compared to PPC campaigns, where traffic stops immediately when the campaign ends. According to HubSpot, 80% of the clicks that are made when searching are organic and not paid. So why pay to achieve only 20% of the traffic, when you can buy up to 80% at a low cost? Take the time to consider it.

3. Improved ROI

SEO gives you the advantage of being able to measure and quantify the results, allowing you to analyze the benefits in terms of ROI. All your SEO efforts will only make sense if they become revenue for your business.

Companies that have implemented a strategized SEO campaign reduced the cost of customer acquisition favorably by 261% – heavily impacting the ROI of your business.

4. Increase the conversion rate

According to data obtained by HubSpot on your ROI reportSEO ranks as the best strategy in the inbound marketing methodology in terms of conversion rate. The conversion rate is 15% compared to social media strategies with 13%, PPC  with 9%, and blogging with 7%.



5. Power branding your company
Being at the top organically gives you prestige and credibility. This is an incentive for users, since it allows them to be certain that Google trusts you and therefore has a placed reserved for you in the best locations on the SERPs.

Why Novofex?

As a creative marketing agency, one of our main objectives is to contribute to continuous improvement of your online marketing activities in order to monetize your investment by optimizing your SEO strategy.

Companies that have relied on our solutions have increased their rate of conversion by 52% and potentiated the ROI of the company in less than six months, reducing the cost of customer acquisition and increasing their income.

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