Services All Geared Towards Results!

We offer a variety of services that are always extremely thorough in order to create the perfect customized solution for your business. Who does the business currently target and is that their ideal target market? How is the business creating windows so these ideal clients can locate them? What forms of advertising is the business using? Are these the most effective forms of advertising for the business? Are there more cost-effective strategies that can be implemented to get a bigger bang for their buck? These are just some of many different questions that our clients will hear to ensure that the solution is being developed correctly the first time around.


  • Visibility & Traffic

    We understand your business may not be getting enough visibility in your market place. Here at Novofex we put together tailored systems and strategies that will drive traffic.

  • Conversion

    If you’re looking for sales, leads or donations, you’re looking for ROI, You’ve come to the right place. Here at Novofex we can implement data driven conversion tactics.

  • Brand Growth

    We understand the challenges brands face to stand out in the marketplace and cut through the white noise. The degree of commitment and interaction a user has with a company’s content is a key element.

  • Virtual Marketing Department

    Organizations look for marketing tools, solutions, expertise, and results in different ways and at different stages. We provide digital marketing services to our clients on a retainer based on their needs and goals.


  • Website Design

    Work with our expert team of developers and consultants with latest in cutting edge technology develop a stellar website.

  • Digital Content

    Content has been an imperative medium for converting visitors to potential customers.

  • Mobile Design

    Have your website be mobile friendly. We can work on ensuring your site has a mobile friendly experience.

  • Mobile Apps

    Your next mobile can be build, our team of developers can build a Mobile App for both Android and Apple Devices.

  • Web & Mobile Development

    Your business on the go. As more people visit websites on their mobile devices, your business should also adhere to the growing trend of consumer habits.

  • E-Commerce

    85% Of Internet Users Shop Online. At Novofex we build customized Ecommerce Solutions with multiple platforms to choose from.

Online Marketing

  • SEO

    SEO gives you the advantage of being able to measure and quantify the results, allowing you to analyze the benefits in terms of ROI.

  • Retargeting

    A remarketing campaign makes use of two very important indicators to measure the effectiveness of your results and optimize your acquisition strategy.

  • Pay Per Cick Advertising

    Discover how Our PPC services find you the best combination of PPC channels, allowing you to drive up conversions without a higher media spend.
  • Social Media

    We have social media solutions to meet the needs of all businesses, from basic maintenance to full agency social media consulting.

Strategy & Consulting

  • Brand Strategy

    Whether you have a New or Existing business we provide unique, fresh, and customized strategies that leverage your brand.

  • Business Analysis & Consulting

    Need professional direction, advise and relevant information? Need to attain more conversions, traffic or sales. We provide valuable solutions and strategies for new and existing companies.

  • CRM Solutions

    Novofex CRM Solutions are customized to run and organize your entire business with one program.

How to Get Started

Let us help you have the internet work for your business. Let’s set up some time to chat talk about your business goals and how we can help you reach them.