CRM solutions – The Ultimate All-In-One Organization Management Solution

Novofex CRM Solutions are customized to run and organize your entire business with one program.  Our custom CRM approach focuses on learning and understanding your business and developing an a CRM that is CRM SOLUTIONS Novofexbuilt to provide you and your business with an intelligent application that will  help manage all your customers, leads, contacts, tasks, sales opportunities and marketing campaigns in one easy-to-use system.

These ALL-IN-ONE solutions consist of Customer Management, Lead Management, Project Management, Customer Portal, Calendar and Task Management, Reporting, Document and File Management, Team and Access Control, Inventory Management and so much more. Novofex CRM Solutions provide what your company/organization needs for sales, for marketing, for support and any other type of task that need to be organized and completed.


Custom Approach for Small Business or Enterprise.

Tear down the barriers between sales, support, project and management teams. Every part of your business working from the same platform.

  • The exact tools your team needs to work better
  • Consolidate multiple software and applications into one
  • CRM, Projects, Invoicing, Help Desk & more
  • iPhone, Android and Web Apps
  • Inbox, Outlook & Gmail Add–ins
  • Open API and integration tool set.

Novofex CRM Solutions Focus

Manage data management and the sales cycle

and solve support cases all in the one business software


Encourage and enable collaboration
between your sales, support, project, finance and management teams


Know your Customers, Leads, and Team 
about your customer and every interaction with that customer


Reduce Internal IT costs
with rapid cloud app deployment and eliminate hardware risks