Strategy and Consulting

Novofex strategy services provide customized, digital solutions focused on your growth in your industry.

  • Our Digital Strategy provides an action plan to successful online performance.

  • We create, launch and grow compelling brands.

  • Our creatives help you tell a story, generate awareness, and build loyalty relationships with your customers.

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brandingDigital and Business Consulting

We evaluate your digital presence; consider your competitors and industry trends, and conduct  research to inform you with a deliverable plan for growth.

print-designBrand Strategy

We help build brands,  rejuvenate existing brands, and work through refreshing strategies and platforms that focus on telling your story, evoking your presence, and maximizing what you mean to your customer’s and industry.

web-designInformation Architecture & User Experience

It all starts with the blueprint. Novofex team of IA and UI/UX specialists build a plan for high-performance websites we don’t just build websites we build platforms. From wireframes, site-maps and user-flows we got you covered.

videoCampaign Strategy

Expose your brand and execute your strategy. Our creatives  give direction to advertising, media, and marketing, by focusing on swift coordination of these in your online campaign strategies.

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How should I design and develop my website?

Every year there’s an increase in the amount of systems, tools, and paths for building a successful online business. The Novofex approach to your business is to help you find the best, most cost-effective route for designing and developing your website through our team’s experienced insight from working with the latest technology from open source to the best third party platforms available in the market. Our approach is to find to create the ideal platform and combination of tools that will serve your specific needs.

How does brand influence my business?

In the noisy world we live in never before have we had as customers choices.  Branding your business is crucial for the life of your business and it’s  appeal to your target market. We understand the difficult process this can be from the creative conception portion all the way to the execution and broadcast of a campaign. Our Creative Strategists can help define, name, and communicate your brand in away that your target audience can identify with your message and the story your brand tells about your product and service and the culture behind it.

How should I market my website?

 The focus of our approach is not to just drive visitors to your website, but to drive qualified traffic that can increase sales or conversions. Our consultants and online marketing strategists are experienced in making out blueprints to online success. We understand the difference among industries, consumers, and available marketing budgets. Depending on the nature of your business, there are several forms of online marketing media that could be efficiently drive traffic to your website. we help you find the right one for you.

What about mobile for my business?

As mobile device usage continues to grow and prevail in our daily device usage, a mobile presence is significant more and more important to gain an edge in the marketplace.In order to provide the best experience for smartphone and tablet users, online businesses should work towards creating a mobile application, mobile website, or responsive website. we help you evaluate both your market, website, and budgets to ensure we can put together an approach that makes sense. Mobile adoption will continue to grow and ensuring an efficient mobile experience to access your business and information will significantly impact how users feel about your brand and business.


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